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Spin-X (Prodisc) 48x Diamond White Inkjet Hub CD-R

Spin-X (Prodisc) 48x Diamond White Inkjet Hub CD-R
Founded in 1990, Prodisc has accumulated vital experience in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of storage media, and has become one of the top-three disc manufacturers in the world. With its outstanding R&D ability and long-term cooperating with some Japanese media companies, Prodisc's advanced media awarded world-class certification.


  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Low data error rate
  • Advanced Phthalocyanine dye *guarantees high durability
  • Compatibility with popular readers & writers


Manufacturer Spin-X (Prodisc)
Format CD-R
Speed 48x
Surface Type White Inkjet Hub
Native Capacity 700MB or 80 min.
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Price: $110.00

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